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The Greenie HelloGarden

This is our Greenie HelloGarden, ideal for all of you wanting to get the maximum anti-oxidants into your daily diet. Each of our herb and salad kitchen gardens, which we plant for you offers a beautiful and nutritious mix of 12 to 14 good-sized organic seedlings with several different salad greens, herbs, and edible flowers. 

The plants below are linked to planting / growing guides. Fresh organic herbs and salad greens have the most amazing depth of flavour. Designed with companion planting they allow several plants in each garden to deter insects that feed on other plants while improving each plant’s uptake of soil nutrients.

By attracting beneficial insects and diverting insect pests, all plants in our Autumn - Winter HelloGardens will thrive, giving you a beautiful garden to look at as well as a good range of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

HelloGarden 1