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Stacked HelloGarden Planter Kit - three planters at 1000mm long x 500mm wide x 380mm deep


Our HelloGarden growing kit is the solution to creating a stylish and beautiful garden in your indoor or outdoor space. The price includes planting three HelloGardens of your choice. Made of powder-coated aluminum our planters are very strong and light and come with a five-year warranty. They can be powder-coated to any colour or finish in the Dulux Powder-Coating Colour Range. 

These three planters at 1000mm long x 500mm wide x 380mm deep each can be easily stacked as seen here. Set on castors, they can be moved about easily to follow the sun and with more than one to create different configurations on your outdoor space. Entirely watertight they are easily moved to follow the sun, even when stacked, or replanted.  Used like this they can create a boundary wall on a deck or balcony, or divide up spaces in a hospitality or corporate setting.

Each planter has a tube that goes to a porous reservoir at its bottom with 80mm of pumice on either side that takes about 10 litres of water to fill. Within 2-3 weeks, your new plants' roots will be pulling up the water they need to grow. This is called a wicking system. Even at the height of summer, you should only need to refill your reservoir every three weeks or so, when the growing mix starts to feel dry.  

While your plants are small and still developing their root systems you will need to water them around the base once or twice daily, ideally in the morning and at night for 2-3 weeks. Once your garden is established you can safely go away for up to three weeks knowing it will continue to thrive. As each planter can grow two rows of salad greens or herbs, it’s ideal for growing your own fresh herbs, salads, and vegetables to enjoy at home.

Let us install and plant three beautiful stacked HelloGardens in your desired space within two hours. Each garden is planted with 16 good-sized organic seedlings, which we plant for you. Fresh organic herbs and salad greens have the most amazing depth of flavour. We will return and replant any three new HelloGardens at $195 per garden seasonally.

The price includes delivering and installing the Stacked Planter Kit within the Auckland region as well as planting the three HelloGardens of your choice, seen here

Technical Specs

Each planter consists of:

  • x2 Long wall panel
  • 1000x300x1.6 (full return top & bottom edge)
  • x2 Short wall panel 500x300x1.6 (full  return top & bottom edge)
  • x4 SHS legs with rivnuts – 470x40x40x3 (uncapped)
  • x5 U-channel support bars - 15x18x2
  • x1 Water tray base (watertight welded, locating tabs, overflow tube)
  • x1 Water tray reservoir (U-channel)
  • x1 Water tray inlet tube

More Information

The HelloGarden growing kit is constructed in powder-coated aluminum to ensure it lasts a lifetime.

The aluminum wall panels interlock with each SHS leg section making it both strong and sturdy. All wall panels have a double return giving it additional strength.

The base tray (reservoir) rests on five drop-in U-channel support bars.

The base tray is water-filled via a tube connected to the reservoir.

The reservoir U-channel is perforated allowing water to filter into the pumice surrounding it.

Above the pumice is an ideal growing mix, and as the plants grow they naturally draw up water from the water-filled pumice base.

The reservoir is fitted with an overflow tube that regulates the water level by releasing excess water into a drip tray below to prevent waterlogging in heavy rain.

The price includes delivering and installing the Stacked Planter Kit within the Auckland region as well as planting three HelloGardens of your choice, seen here