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HelloGarden is a new addition to the urban gardening scene with a planter system that makes it easy to grow a garden indoors or outdoors. Designed by Deon de Beer and Shonagh Lindsay it answers what we think is an increasing desire among small space dwellers to have a flourishing kitchen garden all year round. With its internal irrigation system it can also be used to grow ornamental plants, or in fact any terrestrial plant. Made of lightweight alloy they can be powder-coated to any colour or finish in the Dulux Powder-Coating Colour Range.

Entirely watertight, it’s easily moved, stacked, or replanted. It has a tube that goes to a porous reservoir at its bottom with 80mm of pumice on either side, which takes about 10 litres of water. Within 2-3 weeks your new plants' roots will be pulling up the water they need to grow. This is called a wicking system. Even at the height of summer you should only need to refill your reservoir every three weeks or so, when the growing mix starts to feel dry, so you can safely go away for up to three weeks knowing it will continue to thrive.

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To find out more contact Shonagh Lindsay on shonagh@hellogarden.co.nz