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FAQ's & Tips

Environmentally-conscious and resource-conserving thinking and acting is an essential component of the long-term development of HelloGarden. We take up the challenge and the responsibility not to endanger people or the environment on our way to a successful future. Our planter systems are made to last so we offer a five-year guarantee, and at the end of their life all the materials in their construction can be recycled. The planter’s panels are made from 1.6mm aluminum and its corner frame from extruded SHS aluminum, which are then powder coated to prevent rusting as well as for aesthetics. Aluminum is the most recyclable and valuable of all recyclable materials. They are produced locally, and our BioGrow registered organic seedlings are grown within an hour of Auckland. We also offer a Bokashi fermentation kit and training to encourage customers to recycle their food scraps, and use the nutritious solution Bokashi produces to feed their plants.

Yes you can. Their rubber castors mean they can be moved easily without marking floors, and so long as they receive enough light (either through grow lights or windows) their plants will flourish.The water reservoir within is fitted with an overflow tube in case it gets waterlogged, however if it’s inside and you follow the required water level indicator in its watering tube it will never overflow.  We recommend using a drip tray beneath the overflow tube if it’s placed where it would get waterlogged in a heavy rain. It’s made to be easily moved about on castors so you can move it to follow the sun’s path across your outdoor space if you wish.

The planter’s panels are made from 1.6mm aluminum and its corner frame from extruded SHS aluminum, which are then powder coated to prevent rusting or UV damage as well as for aesthetics.

Yes they are as their powder coating protects them from frost, water and UV light.

Yes they are, as made from 1.6mm alloy with full returns on the top and bottom edges they are very strong.

Simply empty of all growing material and water spray clean with a hose or bucket of water and soft brush. Turn on their sides or upside down to empty of any remaining water and either dry them with a soft cloth or leave them in the sun to dry.

We sell a galvanized watering can for your HelloGarden planter as it allows you to both pour water into the watering tube and water each plant individually around its base, ensuring you don’t overwater or leave wet salad and herb leaves. Sunlight is magnified through water and at its harshest can damage sensitive plants. You can buy this from our Accessories page

We’ve created a drip tray in the same materials as the planter used to stop overflow water damaging your balcony. It’s to be placed beneath the overflow tap, any container that fits there is fine but if you want one that matches your planter we sell this one. You can buy this from our Accessories page.

We buy and on-sell the Zing Bokashi home composting kit from here charging a small mark-up for the handling.   It is simple to use, and if you purchase one through us we will show you how to use it when we install your HelloGarden.  We recommend Bokashi because it will ferment your food scraps creating a nutritious solution, much like worm tea, that you can use to feed your plants. It is teeming with specially selected, garden friendly Bokashi microbes, and also nutrients from your food waste. Getting the microbes down to the root level of the plants produces amazing results for plant growth, health and vitality.  You can buy this from our Accessories page.

In principle, any plant species cultivated in soil is suitable for the HelloGarden Irrigation System.

No, because with the HelloGarden irrigation system, you can essentially irrigate all terrestrial plants. Its irrigation system consists of a permeable water reservoir, pumice on each side, a watering tube into the reservoir and a corresponding water level indicator in the tube. This growing system is not suitable for hydroponics, instead you can choose your favourite plants from the wide range available. You then simply plant them in a good quality growing material according to the instructions supplied with the HelloGarden.

The installation of the HelloGarden irrigation system is described in detail in the assembly instructions, which can be found here.

Water from above for the first few weeks until the plants’ roots reach the water reservoir. During this time, check the plant soil for moisture, and water when it appears dry. After a few weeks, fill the water reservoir half way with water. If the water level drops in the next few days, the roots have grown down into the reservoir area. Then fill the water reservoir to "max." and the HelloGarden irrigation system will take care of your plants from now on! If the water level indicator shows "min." after a few days or weeks, you should not refill immediately, as there will still be sufficient moisture in the pumice and soil beneath. When it drops below minimum you will need to refill the reservoir to "max." In midsummer, the water level indicator must be checked every day at high temperatures; a finger test in the growing mix provides additional safety. It is unlikely that you will need to fill the reservoir from the watering tube every morning and evening. Depending on the size of the container and the density of vegetation, a cycle of one to five days is possible, with cloudy skies and precipitation correspondingly longer. After a while, you will become familiar with how much water your plants drink.

From now on we recommend you feed your plants using Aquaticus Garden Booster sold at Kings Plant Barn as your liquid fertilizer. It is made in Aotearoa NZ from all-purpose natural and organic fertilizers, is optimally adapted to the nutrient supply of all plants, including green and flowering plants, and helps increase and promote healthy soil biology. The fertilizer solution is added to the water you pour into the irrigation tube during. We recommend using it weekly following the instructions on how much to add to your water before pouring it into the reservoir. You can also use the solution your Bokashi food waste system creates to feed your plants as described here.

Simply to water when needed and feed weekly as described above.

Each garden is seasonal but in Auckland’s temperate to subtropical climate that is really two seasons: spring/summer and autumn/winter so we offer two seasonal garden types with varied plants that grow well together within those seasonal types.  We will replant your new season’s HelloGarden whenever you request it.

We have designed the 12 spring/summer and autumn /winter HelloGardens as a range of salad greens, herbs and edible plants that grow well together based on companion planting principles, but you can choose any mix of plants from those described on our plants page.

No as overflow water from the reservoir will be released through the overflow valve to the drip tray beneath.

Yes, very easily if on castors as it’s light and even when full with a HelloGarden is designed to be effortlessly moved about.

We will assemble the planter system and install the garden in it anywhere in the Auckland region.

Yes you can, it will arrive as a kitset with instructions for assembly in the package and also downloaded from here.

Yes we will ship it anywhere in Aotearoa NZ with the courier cost an additional charge.

Yes it comes with a five-year warranty.