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Cosmos (Asteraceae osteospermu)

Cosmos - Edible flower

A magnificent perennial with perennial flowers that are just as remarkable, it grows to 20 to 60 cm and likes full sun and a well-drained soil loaded with humus. Care from planting and pruning and from spring to fall will significantly increase the blooming.The more they’re sheltered and protected from the cold, the higher the chance of keeping them year after year.

How to plant

This is preferably done inspring. You may also plant in fall if winters in your region are reliably mild.Space plants 30 to 40 cm apart.Choose a sun-bathed area that is also sheltered from wind since wind makes the air cooler.Sowing from seeds is the simplest and fasted method to propagate your Osteospermum.Sow in a sheltered place anytime in March or April and cuttings are possible in summer.It is a great ally for small wounds and minor burns used in the form of compresses or semi-solid preparations (creams or ointments). It has soothing effects on the skin. And like the calendula, it is considered one of the oldest natural fungicides, so it can be used to treat fungi and as a companion plant.

If you are going to use Cosmos to treat an existing health condition please consult with your healthcare provider first.