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Alyssum (Lobularia Maritima)

Alyssum - Herb and Edible Flower

Few annual plants can match the heat and drought hardiness of sweet alyssum, so named for its lively fragrance. It thrives in a wide range of conditions, and if you let it will self-sow providing year after year of bright color in milder climates. As well as being edible, its flowers make great living mulch, as they attract beneficial insects that will stay to hunt among your plantings. The flowers don't really taste anything like they smell as they have a slightly sweet and peppery flavor similar to kale.

Potential Health Benefits

It’s also a medicinal plant revered for its powerful health benefits as it provides several essential nutrients to the body. Eating this herb can be beneficial for the treatment and prevention of several kidney diseases as it’s a natural diuretic helping to prevent excessive water retention. It is commonly used for treating ascites, and edema, and it can help in reducing the abnormal accumulation of fluids in the cells, tissues, and serous cavities.

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If you are going to use Alyssum to treat an existing health condition please consult with your healthcare provider first. 

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