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Planter Box - 500mm square


The HelloGarden 500mm square planter box is ideal for growing a small fruit tree. It doesn’t have a reservoir system but does have an overflow tube in case you overwater it, or it gets waterlogged in a downpour. Made of lightweight alloy it can be powder-coated to any colour or finish in the Dulux Powder-Coating Colour Range. Set on castors, it can be moved about easily to follow the sun and used to create different configurations with your rectangular HelloGarden planters. You can grow any dwarf fruit tree in the planter box, here are some of our current favourites, which we can plant and install for you.


Every outdoor space needs a citrus tree making it easy to pick lemons and limes as you need them for cooking. Any type of citrus can grow in a container for a while, but we recommend selecting a smaller variety such as ‘Improved Meyer’ lemon, ‘Bearss’ lime, and ‘Satsuma’ mandarin for long-term fruiting. With good drainage and regular feeding and watering your citrus tree will flourish.


There are a number of dwarf variety apple trees that will not outgrow our HelloGarden square planter box and need to be transplanted. Spire apples are also a great choice for small space gardens as they have a column growth habit and take up very little room. Position apple trees in full sun and water and feed regularly.


Nectarines are available in dwarf varieties that are perfectly suited to container growing. They prefer hot, dry summers and it is recommended to prune the trees annually to keep the center open. By thinning heavily it will ensure you get large fruit at harvest time. Position nectarine trees in full sun and water and feed regularly.


With beautiful, large, lobed, tropical-looking leaves, figs are really eye-catching in containers. Although they’re normally quite large trees (up to 40 feet high), severe pruning can keep them more pot-size — and they still bear fruit! Figs are pretty much carefree — just keep plants watered, fertilised, and if necessary, protected in winter.


Feijoasgrow well in pots or containers. Birds pollinate feijoa trees, so they need to be in a position where birds can visit so your fruit will be pollinated. Apollo and Kakariki are both good varieties. The key to success is regular watering (every 2-3 days depending on the weather) and feeding during the growing season, feed feijoas in pots with a controlled release fertiliser every six months, in early spring and again in late summer.  It is easy to trim trees to keep them compact, and as feijoas fruit on current seasons, growth trimming will encourage better fruiting.


One of the main advantages to growing blueberries in containers is that they are acid freaks so to thrive and produce berries, they need to be in soil that is high in acid and most garden soil doesn’t come close to these levels. If you grow your blueberries in a container, you can easily buy or create a blueberry friendly potting soil and your plants will thrive.

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