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HelloGarden's MARA

Elegant and robustly made in Aotearoa NZ, HelloGarden's MARA planter lets you grow a varied range of plants anywhere.  Whether you live in an apartment with a small balcony, a retirement village, a townhouse with a patio, a house with a sunny deck, or want to green your corporate environment, the MARA planter has the growing kit solution for you. The MARA's self-wicking irrigation system makes it easy for you to water and leave for 2-3 weeks knowing that your plants will still flourish. You simply pour your water and feeding solution down the tube to its reservoir. That filters into the pumice on each side of the reservoir and the plants pull up what they need from there.

HelloGarden gives you the plants, resources and space-savvy product – the MARA planter - to enable you to have a beautiful sustainable garden. You will become a successful gardener by learning to understand the natural systems of fertility, sunlight and water that sustain us all. At the same time your indoor or outdoor space will become much more enjoyable, nourishing your spirit as well as your body. 

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Our Story

We are two designers passionate about quality design and plants, who saw the growth of small space living in Auckland, and thought there has to be a great way to help people green their environments without having typical gardens.

Shonagh trained as a landscape architect and urban designer, alongside a 20-year career in communications and marketing. 

Deon studied sociology before going on to build a successful screen-printing, signage design and installation business. 

After sharing our passion for sustainability and clever design solutions to many of the problems cities face, we came up with our modular planter system, the MARA. We love it, and think you will to. It’s elegant, robust and adaptable to different spaces, indoors and outdoors.

Shonagh then put her kitchen garden knowledge to work and came up with a series of HelloGardens that will flourish. Why? Because the gardens' plants thrive growing together, are suited to a range of conditions, look stunning and will give you great nutrition.

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Grow Your Own Garden with a HelloGarden Indoor and Outdoor Planter System

The price includes delivering and installing the Single Planter Kit within the Auckland region as well as planting the HelloGarden of your choice, seen here
The price includes delivering and installing the Stacked Planter Kit within the Auckland region as well as planting three HelloGardens of your choice, seen here
For every HelloGarden sold we will donate $50 to one of these four conservation / environment groups of your choice when you make your purchase

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Let’s grow something good together

We always love to hear from you and and offer tips on how to grow your own indoor or outdoor small space garden! Maybe your plants and garden need some expert TLC, or you're interested in joining one of our workshops so you can make the most of growing your own HelloGarden... please send us any questions, suggestions and comments!

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